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The Whitefield Public Works Department would like to clarify a change in the resident winter sand bin.

The town still allows residents of Whitefield winter sand. There is now a 2-five gallon bucket limit, per storm, per residence. This was put in place as some residents and contractors abused the free sand by repeatedly filling the back of their vehicles/tractor bucket with a yard plus of sand. This sand is for winter use only and not intended for residents to level their pools or miscellaneous house projects. With residents taking large amounts of sand it was becoming a big burden on the departments supply for town road use. Also the amount of sand taken for a small driveway was enough to sand over a mile of roadway. A questionnaire was done with area towns and a majority have the 2-five gallon bucket rule. If you have a large driveway or private road there are several contractors in town you can hire to sand/plow it.

The sand is not for contractor use. This means if you sand peoples walkways or driveways for monetary gain you are not allowed to use this sand. There are local suppliers who can supply you with sand.

The sand is for Whitefield residents only. If you live in a surrounding town please check with that town to see if they supply sand for resident use.

The location of the resident sand bin is to the right of the DPW Garage and is clearly marked. At no time should anyone obtain sand from the sand pile behind the DPW Garage. The area behind the garage is for authorized personnel only. This is for the safety of the residents and so the DPW employees can work without concerns of residents in the area.

Salt, gravel, stone, or any other aggregate is for town use only and anyone taking these materials will be prosecuted for theft.

I appreciate your understanding in trying to control our sand supply and if you have any question regarding the operation or policies at the DPW feel free to contact me at 603-837-2202.

Shawn C. White
Public Works Director


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